VP4DE | Pro-Set 96 l/m Vacuum Pump

96 l/m 2 ST 220-240V @ 50 Hz VACUUM PUMP

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General Details

The VP4DE Pro-Set® vacuum pump is a 96 l/m, 2 stage unit with a versatile dual voltage 1/2HP motor. The unit boasts the same high quality, high value features engineered into all of our Pro-Set® Premium Series vacuum pumps providing performance excellence and years of reliable service.

Key Features:

  • Dual voltage operation 110-120V / 220V 50/60Hz
  • Exceptional ultimate vacuum rating as low as 10 microns
  • Advanced air cooled motor design for operation in high ambient temperatures
  • Proprietary oil mist free exhaust port cap for clean, safe job environment
  • Gas ballast valve speeds achievement of deep vacuum
  • Multiple port connections for ¼”, ⅜” and ½” ACME
  • Easy maintenance with large oil sight glass and fill port with easily accessible oil drain port.
  • Solid rubber base provides extreme shock resistance
  • Sure grip handle ergonomically designed for superior comfort and portability

Stage: 2

Motor Size (HP) RPM @ 50/60Hz: 1/2 (HP)2880/3440

Dimensions (Inches): 13.1 x 5.5 x 10

Weight: 22.1 lb / 10.0 kg

Operating Temperature Range: 0˚C (32˚F) to 52˚C (125˚F)

Power Source: 220-240V @ 50Hz

Ultimate Vacuum: as low as 10 Microns

Oil Capacity: 15.5 oz / 450 ml

Construction: Heavy Gauge Aluminum Chasis with hard rubber base and rubber lined steel handle

Overload Protection: Motor Thermally Protected, Dual Voltage units have extra IEC fuse

Control System: ON-OFF power switch

Free Air Displacement: 96l/m @ 50Hz

Intake Fittings: ¼” SAE, ⅜” SAE, and ½”ACME

Gas Ballast Valve: Yes

Replacement Parts
VPGXEB4 End Bell w/Sightglass- VP Medium
VPGXEBO3 End Bell O-ring- VP Medium
VPGXEH2 Electrical Housing w/IEC, Dual SW, SW
VPGXF10 Fuse T10A
VPGXFB3 Fan Blade- VP Medium
VPGXFG3 Fan Grill- VP Medium
VPGXGB Gas Ballast Valve
VPGXH2 Handle-VP
VPGXIP2 Port Kit 1/4 SAE, 1/2 ACME, 3/8 SAE
VPGXODP Oil Drain Plug w/O-ring
VPXOMP Oil Mist FreeExhaust Port
VPGXPC6 Vacuum Pump Cartridge VP4D