Innovative Solutions for Technicians ABM Hood ABM EasyHood Now all HVAC Technicians can afford a
professional & accurate air flow hood
FIND OUT MORE Accuracy is verified in accordance with ANSI/AMCA standards. CPS Link Logo
Wireless Pressure
and Temperature Gauge
PT200W FIND OUT MORE CPS Link Logo PT200W The PT200W pressure and temperature gauge calculates pressure, temperature,
superheat subcool, temperature difference, pressure hold and also is a device
based data logger ideal for trouble shooting, stand alone or wireless.
BlackMax Logo FIND OUT MORE VPC2S-18DVC Small, lightweight, portable with a powerful 48 l/m capacity Comes with a safety solenoid and 6.0amp battery
with a one hour run time
Ideal for split systems, small VRVs, small packaged
systems and refrigerated cabinets.
Cordless Vacuum Pump
BlackMax Logo FIND OUT MORE BTLH5E Hydraulic
Tube Expander
A premium tool that uses the power of hydraulics to quickly
and easily expand soft drawn tubing in HVAC systems.
Accurate, affordable and easy to use wireless Bluetooth tools,
designed by a HAVC/R technician with quick reporting and
analysis exported direct form your hand held device.

Solutions by Industry

CPS Products, Inc.  serves multiple industries with application-built, industry-specific innovations and advancements in technologies and products. The CPS product development team consists of engineers across all fields: electrical, mechanical, software and chemical.

In addition, CPS invests heavily in industrial design so new product solutions reach state-of-the-art in aesthetics and ease-of-use. Our primary goal is to develop and manufacture products enabling service technicians to work smarter, win more business and make more money with CPS tools and equipment.

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    CPS —Your Global Partner

    CPS Products (USA)

    CPS Products is headquartered in Hialeah, Florida (near Miami International Airport). We manufacture and distribute a broad range of HVAC and Automotive tools, instruments and service equipment throughout the United States from our Florida facility, and export products throughout the world with the benefit of our close proximity to the Port of Miami.

    CPS Products Canada, Ltd.

    CPS Products Canada, Ltd., is based in Mississauga, Ontario (near Toronto’s International Airport) where we produce tools, equipment and service chemicals for professional automotive technicians.  The company’s core products are automotive fluid exchange and fuel service equipment and chemicals, and automotive air-conditioning-refrigerant leak detection.  The company’s market leading brands include UView, MotorVac, and TerraClean.

    CPS Australia

    CPS Australia is centrally located in Adelaide, South Australia and supports a full range of CPS HVAC/R and automotive products including UView, Motorvac, Terraclean and Star brands of chemicals, fluid exchange machines and automotive leak detection equipment. CPS Australia supports sales, marketing and distribution and has a fully equipped service department offering local technical support as well as warranty and out of warranty service work.

    CPS Europe

    CPS Europe is located just outside of Antwerp, one of Belgium’s oldest and largest cities and serves as the primary sales, marketing and distribution channel of all CPS and CPS Automotive products for Europe. CPS Europe offers multi-lingual sales, marketing and technical support for its diverse markets and clientele base.

    Company Portfolio

    CPS Products

    CPS Products is a world leader in the design and manufacture of tools, instruments and service equipment for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems. Recently CPS has been aggressively growing its portfolio of Professional Service Technician Products through a combination of organic new product development and complementary acquisitions.

    AAB Smart Tools

    AAB Smart Tools manufactures accurate, affordable and easy to use smartphone connected HVAC tools designed to simplify and improve the analysis and control of airflow in buildings. AAB’s smartphone tools make applying building science techniques practical for all HVAC professionals.

    5-2-1- Products

    5-2-1 manufactures proven solutions to extend the life and reliability of residential air conditioning systems, including the 5-2-1 Compressor Saver, Surge Protector and Quikstart Compressor Start Kit. These products are marketed to home owners through contractors and professional service technicians.

    Visit 5-2-1 Products website
    UView Ultraviolet Systems

    UView manufactures tools and equipment for professional automotive technicians.  The company’s core products include oils, chemicals and tools for detecting, servicing and preventing automotive air conditioning refrigerant leaks.


    MotorVac is the market leader in total preventive maintenance (PM) solutions for the professional automotive technician and shop. Motorvac manufactures tools, equipment and chemicals to enhance profits and improve efficiency.


    TerraClean manufactures superior chemicals and award-winning tools for the automotive aftermarket industry. TerraClean products and programs include selling tools, to support automotive dealerships and independent service centers around the world.

    Visit TerraClean website
    Worldwide Vapor Inc.

    Maker of the Vacutec®  smoke leak detection machine, with more OEM approvals than any other smoke machine in the world.  Vacutec® has been awarded approvals from such companies as BMW, Ford Motor Company,  Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Lexus and others to trace leaks in virtually any automotive system, including vacuum, exhaust, oil, turbo, wind, water and fuel evaporative (EVAP) systems.

    Champion Engineering, Inc.

    Champion Engineering, Inc. is a world leader in the utilization of Diagnostic Smoke vapor-producing leak detection technology and of ultraviolet-activated fluorescent dye technology. Champion offers patented leak detection equipment for several industries including; automotive, light / heavy industrial, marine and aviation.

    Global Leak Detection

    Global Leak Detection (Global) is one of the oldest and most experienced companies supplying Smoke Wizard branded smoke machines for leak detection to the OEM market.