SURGE PROTECTORS - Protects equipment from damaging electrical surges - Protects equipment from lightning strikes - Saves homeowners from costly repairs - Comes with industry leading warranty The 5-2-1 Surge Protectors COST: - 90% LESS than REPLACING a COMPRESSOR - 95% LESS than REPLACING an A/C Watch Video

Your air conditioning system is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your home, yet most home owners do have surge protection like they do for their less expensive computers and televisions.

5-2-1 introduces the SPD60 and SPD150 surge protection devices that incorporate the latest in protection technology and ease of installation. These devices are designed to protect your equipment by suppressing the harmful energy produced by lightning strikes and other power line transients commonly found in HVAC installations. The voltage surge or spikes can be very damaging to HVAC equipment, shortening the life of the compressor and reducing its efficiency.

Studies show that average home or business sees 300 potentially damaging surges each and every year. In fact, with more demand on the power grid, customers are seeing lower quality electrical service, which means even more damaging surges.