GIVE YOUR CAR THE FLU SHOT The Solution for Today's Automotive Service Operation MiST™ is an award winning technology aimed at the health of the driver and occupants, not the vehicle. MiST™ kills mold on contact and prevents new mold growth throughout the vehicles HVAC system and passenger cabin surfaces.

MiST™ Vent Clips

590239 | MiST™ Clean Car Vent Clip

MiST™ “Clean Car” Vent Air Freshener

590238 | MiST™ Vanilla Vent Clip

MiST™ “Vanilla” Vent Air Freshener

590237 | MiST™ Citrus Vent Clip

MiST™ “Citrus” Vent Air Freshener

590236 | MiST™ Spicy Apple Vent Clip

MiST™ “Spicy Apple” Vent Air Freshener

590235 | MiST™ Summer Breeze Vent Clip

MiST™ “Summer Breeze” Vent Air Freshener