EGR, Emissions and Intake

Why use the DieselTune Emissions and Intake Cleaning System?

EGR Systems can become clogged with carbon deposits that affect fuel economy and performance of a diesel vehicle. The DieselTune EGR Cleaning Tool applies the powerful DieselTune EGR System Cleaner (Part# 400-0280), into the circuit. For most applications the exhaust side of the EGR is serviced, then the intake side. This cleaner rapidly dissolves the deposits, eliminating the issues commonly associated with plugged EGRs. By adding our DieselTune Max Strength Fuel Injector Cleaner (Part# 400-3012) you clean the pump and injectors completing the full diesel fuel service.

400-0280 | MotorVac DieselTune™ EGR System Cleaner

EGR System Cleaner (Not available in Canada)