UVMINI | Clip-On Light

General Details

Proprietary Clip-On chassis for attachment to electronic leak detectors, video borescopes and extension type devices that measure ¼” to 3/8” in diameter.

Replacement Parts
TLXWL132BAR Replacement Expandable Bar For The TLWL132R
TLXWL132CH110 110V Wall Charger For TLWL132R
TLXWL132CH12 12V Battery Charger For TLWL132R
TLXWL132CLIP Light Holding Clips For TLWL132R
TLXWL53BAT Replacement Battery Pack For The TLWL53A
TLXWL53CH110 110V Battery Charger For The TLWL53A
TLXWL53CH12 12V Battery Charger For The TLWL53A
TLXWL53HOOK Replacement Magnetic Hook For The TLWL53A