FA1234 | HFO1234YF Recover/ Recycle /Recharge

Deluxe R1234yf Recovery/Recycle & Recharge w/8' Hoses & 50 lb.Tank

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General Details

Deluxe HFO1234YF Recovery/Recycle & Recharge w/8ft Hoses & 50 lb.Tank

Key Features
• Fully automatic operation of recovery, recycle, evacuate, air purge and recharge
• All steel construction
• Complete with a 6CFM vacuum pump capable of dehydrating the system to 50 microns.
• Utilizes state of the art microprocessor controlled ball valves in place of solenoid valves making the unit impervious to common containments and sealants.
• Easy to program with simple command based LCD display that can set up for five languages (English, French, Spanish, German & Chinese).
• Highly visible 3 ½” gauges for high and low pressure.
• The FA1234YF can be programmed for both 50LB and 90Lb Tanks.
• Comes complete with a 50LB DOT Tank, 8 foot hoses and couplers.
• The FA1234YF is completely assembled, take it out of the box, add refrigerant and GO.
• The FA1234Y can charge from high side, low side or both
• 240 Volts, 50 HZ, Single Phase, PSI, BAR, KPa, gauges.
• 2 year limited warranty.



  • Water Capacity: 47.7lb / 21.7kg
  • DOT Specification: DOT04BA-400
  • Service Pressure: 400PSIG