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LeakGuard OneShot Injection Kit Winged

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What is LeakGuard? LeakGuard permanently and safely seals A/C leaks in both rubber and metal components.

The first A/C Sealant available to be Certified to meet SAE J2670 Standard!

Unlike other A/C sealants, LeakGuard is an oil based sealant that does not have any of the dangerous side effects. It will not harden, crystallize, clog the A/C system or harm the recovery equipment.

  • Professional A/C Stop Leak
  • Permanently seals leaks
  • Meets SAE J2670 A/C additive standard
  • Safe for all A/C systems
  • Contains concentrated A/C dye
  • Specifically formulated for slow leaks that can occur over a 6-12 month period (or a leak rate of 25oz/708g) per year. It can safely remain in the A/C system and prevent leaks from occurring in the future – an excellent preventive maintenance product!

This is the one supplement you need to stop leaks, enhance performance, extend component life and top up refrigerant. LeakGuard OneShot wil NOT harm the A/C system or recovery equipment.

Features and Benefits:

  1. LeakGuard Technology effectively finds and permantently stops leaks as they form. Does not harden or crystallize.
  2. A/C ExtenDye fluoresces leaks brighter than the competition.
  3. Friction Modifier increases the lubricity (less friction) of the compressor oil, improving efficiency (friction coefficient) by 50% and thereby improving fuel economy.
  4. Anti-wear Additive creates a thin film that reduces contact between metal parts; reducing friction and heat, therby extending component life. This effectively quiets noisy compressors
  5. Antioxidant stops the oxidation process, reduces acidity and prolongs oil life.

Services up to 40 vehicles


  • Spotgun Jr. Winged Injection System
  • R-134a Adapter and Coupler Hose
  • 4 x LeakGuard OneShot Winged Cartridges